1Gbps Singapore E3 16GB Dedi For $55/mo – DirectChina/AntiDDoS/BGP Available – PayPal/BTC

Welcome to IndoVirtue, where server hosting has never been this fast, easy and affordable.

Additional discount when you subscribe with us on longer terms!

We are privately held company and had been providing Website Hosting solutions since late 2010 at local city in Indonesia for startup projects, companies and young entrepreneurs. Then we continued entering unmanaged Dedi and VPS market since around May 2013 globally under international commercial domain. We are currently holding strong with many happy customers.

This thread is not meant for support. Instead, please feel free to contact us via our support ticket system. We will be happy answering any questions you may have!

We currently have dedicated server below with limited quantity. First come, first serve:


E3-1230v2 / E3-1270v2 / E3-1265Lv3 / E3-1275Lv3 / E3-1270Lv4 / E5 (random)


2 TB HDD or 400 GB SSD (can have up to 4 bay slot)

1 IPv4 Address (IPv6 also available)

Shared 100 Mbit Port or 10 TB on 1Gbit (IP announce/BGP is also available)
$55/month. Order Now!

Addons (SGBUDGET only):

32 GB RAM – $20 / month

1x480GB SSD – $15 / month

1x960GB SSD – $25 / month

1x4TB HDD – $15 / month

2x2TB HDD – $15 / month

2x4TB HDD – $35/ month

2x200GB SSD – $15 / month

2x480GB SSD – $35 / month

2x960GB SSD – $55 / month

Additional IP – $6 / IP / month (spam or mass mail is not allowed)

Windows 2012 R2 Standard – $45 / month

Windows 2016 Standard – $55 / month

Windows 2019 Standard – $70 / month

Unlimited 1Gbit/sec – $350/month

30 TB on 1Gbit/sec port – $40 / month
Unlimited 1Gbit Port – $350 / month

IP Announce – $40 / month


E3-1230v5 Skylake 3.4 Ghz, max 4-bay drive


2×1 TB HDD or 1×240 GB SSD

3000 GB Bandwidth on 1 Gbit/sec Premium Low Latency Network with Direct China. IP test / Looking glass in

1 IPv4 + IPv6
$349/month, no setup fee, monthly contract, more discount on longer terms. Order Now!

Addons (SGPREMIUM-1 only):

32 GB RAM – $35 / month

64 GB RAM – $90 / month

2x2TB HDD – $35 / month

2x240GB SSD – $35 / month

2x512GB SSD – $55 / month

2x1TB SSD – $110 / month

Additional IP – $3 / IP / month (spam or mass mail is not allowed)

Additional 1 TB Bandwidth – $25 / month

Windows 2012 R2 Standard – $45 / month
IP Range Announce – $550 one-time setup, $250 / month

Up to 20Gbit Singapore DDoS Protection IP – $250 / month

Up to 40Gbit Singapore DDoS Protection IP – $750 / month

  • 24-48 Hours setup time, no setup fees, prorated billing to date 1 every month.
  • OS: Any Linux and Windows OS request possible, just fill the details in instruction form. There is a possibility of additional charge for licensed OS.
  • For further hardware / Harddisk / SSD / RAM / IP customization and stock inquiry, feel free to contact us via our support ticket system.

★ Summary of Legal aspects

  • We are not offering any data integrities guarantee / liability. Please backup your own data regulary.
  • All services are provided on an “as is” basis. IndoVirtue will not be responsible for any damages your business may suffer.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee applied, except on scheduled maintenance and DDOS attack. Service Level Agreement claims will be made in the form of account credit only.
  • If you does not subscribe to DDoS protection, network null will be applied if your server is attacked by DDoS. Repeated attacks means service refund from us
  • TOR, Adult/pornographic, Virus/worm/trojan and copyrighted content is prohibited. You will be allowed twenty four hours to respond to the complaint.
  • Legal by law activities only. Obvious mail spamming, phishing, port scanning, OSCAM, and hacking activities means instant termination.
  • Detailed TOS, AUP, and privacy policy is in here. By signing up to our service, you are agree with our terms. Please read in details before.

Testimonial (from 2013):…95&postcount=2

Thank you for spending your time in reading this thread in details, we really appreciate it and definitely looking forward to serving you soon. Have a good day

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