New cPanel Cloud and Small Host Anxiety

Hey all, long time reader, first time poster.

I was curious what everyone thinks about this neat feature I found in the cPanel forums the other day:

Looks to be JUST what my little business needs so I can finally live without the constant fear and anxiety of hardware failure taking down sites for 2-8 hours. I am highly diligent about backups systems, keeping 3 daily backups of all accounts stored at 3 different DCs. So I’m not worried about restoring customers data, it’s just being constantly worried about customers firing me due to downtime when a piece of hardware craps out and puts a server out of commission for a few hours… Sometimes during these events I’ll start rolling out a new server and pulling backups just because I can do that in 3-4 hours, while the DC staff sometimes takes a lot longer! Plus there was the one time they replaced parts on a server and when they were done it wouldn’t boot up, what a nightmare!

An affordable HA system would be such a lifesaver, it’d really be life-changing for me

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