Table of Contents

So i am going to do this in chapter so far everything I have learnt


1.Chapter One: Getting Started with Javascript

2. Why should you learn JavaScript?

3. Setting up your environment

3a. Intergrated Development Environment

4. Web browser

4a. Extra Tools

4b. Online Editor

4c. How does the browser understand Javascript?

5. Using the browser console

6. Practice exercise 1a.

7. Adding JavaScript to a web page

7a. Directly in HTML

7b. Practice exercise 1b.

8. Linking an external file to our web page

9. Practice exercise 1c.

10. Writing JavaScript Code

11. Formatting Code

10a Indentations and whitespace

11b. Semicolons

12c. Code comments 1.1

13d. Practice exercise 1d

14. Promt

15. Random numbers

16. Chapter project

16a Creating an HTML file and a linked JavaScript file

17. Quiz

18. Summary