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Is it any worse than DirectAdmin?

DirectAdmin is probably better.

Don’t get any wrong idea about DirectAdmin when providers express their dissatisfaction. It came from many expectations, and probably the leniency providers showed it. It is still better than many homegrown or proprietary control panels.

We expect Webuzo to be better while cPanel rules the kingdom.

The problem with proprietary control panels is that once you are in, you get locked out. Migrating away is a real pain. Think you are a reseller and you would need to migrate away 100 sites for 50 clients. Communicating with the clients and scheduling the downtimes can quickly become a mammoth task, if not unmanageable. That’s why people tend to tolerate all kinds of issues just due to the hassle of migration.

Worse, some often don’t say anything bad about such providers while using their service, as their clients might question why they are still tolerating all these issues!

Here is where cPanel shines. Migrating away is just a click away and without downtimes in most cases. The overwhelming majority of providers use cPanel. Naturally, there are more good providers using cPanel than good providers using proprietary control panels. Which means you have more choices.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the providers mentioned in the OP are 20i resellers. 20i seems to have a lot of resellers offering unlimited usage.

I recon their recent price hike was forced due to their aggressive marketing of unlimited. Ultimately, they couldn’t keep up and had to increase their prices.

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